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Simplifying Learning and Evaluation

Real-time training and insightful evaluations

Beautiful & Easy Interface

Discover GatherSense: Where Learning

Meets Real-Time Assessment

Comprehensive LMS System

Streamline training with our all-in-one platform

Interactive Course Builder

Easily create immersive learning experiences.

Real-Time Evaluation

Enhance decision-making with immediate assessments.

Case Study Evaluations

Assess skills with real-world scenarios.

End-to-End Solution

GatherSense offers a robust Learning Management System (LMS), providing an end-to-end training platform to meet all your organization’s needs. Seamlessly integrate the creation, management, and delivery of online learning experiences, allowing your team to focus on their performance and growth.

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Intuitive Training/Course Builder

Our platform’s Training Course Builder brings simplicity and efficiency to course creation. With its intuitive drag-and-drop tool, effortlessly structure your courses by adding topics, study materials, media, and quizzes. Create immersive learning experiences that resonate with your candidates and employees.

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Real-Time Evaluation and Insights

GatherSense takes evaluation to the next level with real-time assessment and detailed performance insights. Beyond just grading, our platform facilitates case study-based evaluations for a holistic understanding of your candidates’ skills. Empower your decision-making with data-driven insights into their strong and weak areas.

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Use Case

Addressing Diverse Needs with GatherSense

GatherSense, a versatile solution, streamlines onboarding, performance evaluation, and case study-based training, empowering organizations with actionable insights into their team's capabilities.

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Onboarding Training

Make your new team members go through interactive training and assessment.

Performance Evaluation

Real-time insights into staff capabilities.

Hiring Assessment

Assess prospective hires with ease.

Case Study-Based Training

Enhance skills with practical scenarios.

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Unlock advanced features including comprehensive course building and real-time evaluation analytics.



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Get customized solutions, dedicated support, and limitless access for large-scale organizations.

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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

The case study evaluations are a game-changer. Highly recommend GatherSense.

Kara LucasOperations Manager

We love GatherSense's course builder - creating interactive courses has never been easier!

AmberTraining Specialist

Incredible user experience! GatherSense makes training and evaluations fun and productive

BilalTeam Lead

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